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Projects completed by Matthew Davis Australia include:

Moomba to Ballera Gas Pipeline – S.A. Major Project Supply of Pipe and Fittings for the High Pressure, High Yield Gas Pipe Line.
Bluewater Power Station Unit 2 Project – W.A. Major Project Supply of all Major Valves and fittings, including custom manufactured large bore strainers.
Tamar Power Station SP2 UGL Project – Tasmania Supply of S/S and C/S Pipe, Hose and Fittings
Roma Gas Fired Power Station – QLD Project Supply of High Pressure Valves – Trunnion mounted, double block and bleed.
United Terminals – Methanol Project Major Project Supply of Valves, Pipe and Fittings
Visypaper – Tumut Plant Extension Project – N.S.W. Major Project Supply of S/S and C/S Valves, Pipe, Hose and Fittings
Australian Paper – Maryvale Plant Extension Project Vic. Major Project Supply of S/S and C/S Valves, Pipe, Hose and Fittings
Roche mining, Douglas mineral sands – WA /Vic Major Project Supply of large bore Valves, Pipe, Hose and Fittings.
Orica Groundwater project – Botany NSW Major Project Supply of high pressure pipe and fittings
Shell Refinery – Geelong Vic. Supply of 72ft long ship to shore hoses.
Trafigura – Hastings Vic. Supply of Ship to shore tank lines
International Flavours and Fragrances; – Singapore Export S/S Tube, Valves and Equipment to Singapore
SPC Ardmona; – Vic Ongoing 3 year supply agreement in place for all valves pipe and pipe fittings.
Campbells Soup; Pipe Valves and Fittings supplied for automation of food lines.
Gasweld Industries; Ongoing contract supply of all automated AGA Approved valves, pipe and fittings for most LPG tank installations Australia wide, for Woolworth’s/ Caltex , Shell, BP, Mobil, United, and most Independent Service Stations.
Terminals Australia; Supply of valves, control valves, pipe, fittings and hoses for tank upgrades