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HGF Range
High Voltage
Standard features Optional features
•Rated output: 125 HP to 4000 HP (90 kW to 3150 kW)
•Number of poles: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12
•Frame sizes: IEC 315 to 630 (NEMA 5006/7/8T to 9606/10)
•Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
•Voltage: 380 V to 6600 V
•Service factor: 1.00
•Insulation class: F (DT 80 K)
•Degree of protection: IP55
•Mounting: B3 (F-1)
•Cooling method: TEFC – Totally enclosed air cooled – IC411
•Enclosure material: FC-200 cast iron
•Fan covers: FC-200 cast iron for frames up to 400 (6806/7/8T) and steel for frames 450 (7006/10) and above
•Fans: Aluminum for frames up to 500 (8006/10) and steel constructed for frames 560 (8806/10) and above
•Terminal box: FC-200 cast iron for all IEC frames and NEMA 5006/7/8 to 6809/10/11. Steel constructed for NEMA frames 7006/10 to 9606/10.
• Accessories terminal box: FC-200 cast iron
•Thermal protection:
•Windings: PT-100 3 wire, 2 per phase
•Bearings: PT-100 3 wire, 1 per bearing
•Grease lubricated ball bearings for frames up to 500 (8006/10)
•Grease lubricated roller bearings for
•Frame 560 (8806/10) 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 pole.
•Insulated non-drive end bearing for frames 400 (NEMA 6806/7/8T) and above.
•Bearing seals:
•For grease lubricated bearings:
•Labyrinth seal
•For oil lubricated bearings and sleeve bearings: Mechanical seal
•Vibration: Grade A (IEC)
•Balance: With half key
•Shaft locking device for bearings protection
•Nameplate: AISI 304 stainless steel (laser inscribed)
•Drain: Automatic plastic plug
•Suitable for VFD application
•Encoder: Dynapar HS35
•Degree of protection: IP55W or higher
•Mounting: Other mounting configurations
•Cooling method: TEBC – Totally enclosed blower cooled – IC416
•Fans: FC-200 cast iron
•Surrounding muffler
•Drip cover for shaft down applications
•Terminal boxes: Steel welded terminal boxes
•Second terminal box: For “Y” connection with accessible neutral terminal
•Cable gland: Plastic, brass or stainless steel threaded.
•Thermal protection: Bimetallic thermal protection, thermistor (PTC) or calibrated PT-100  for alarm or tripping, at windings or bearings
•Thermometer on bearings with gauge with/without contacts
•Bearings: Oil lubricated bearings.
•Sleeve bearings for all frame sizes
•Insulated non-drive end bearing for frames up to 355 (5810/11/12T)  Insulated drive end  bearing for VFD applications
•Insulating brush kit for drive end shaft for VFD applications
•Bearings designed for vertical  mounting normal or high thrust applications
•Vibration: Grade B (IEC)
•Suitable for vibration detector SPM
•Balance: Special balance levels
•Voltage surge protection: Lightning arrestors and capacitors
•Stainless steel screws
•Internal epoxy coating (tropicalization)
•Other features available under request
•Voltage: 6900 V to 11,000 V
•Service factor: 1.15 or 1.25
•Insulation class: F (105 K), H (80 K, 105 K or 125 K)
•Independent hydraulic oil circulation system for sleeve bearing
•CT for differential and integral protection
•Power factor correction capacitors
•Signal transducer
•Special shaft dimensions
•Non-reverse ratchet
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