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Marathon Hazardous / Explosion Proof Motors

Marathon Electric has been a pacesetter in the design and production of explosion proof motors for over 50 years. Our Blue Chip® family of motor products continue to lead the motor industry in efficiencies and performance in the toughest of industrial applications. Each Marathon Electric motor is a combination of features and materials carefully engineered to provide a reliable, efficient, and long lasting motor. Our Blue Chip® - Severe Duty explosion proof motor incorporates all cast iron construction with a 1.15 service factor for use on fans, blowers, pumps, and compressors that require an explosion proof rating.

Additional features include a premium efficiency design that meets the requirements of the Energy Policy Act (EPACT) and Canadian Federal Energy Efficiency Regulations (NRCAN). Single label Class I Group D, dual label Class I Groups C & D, Class II Groups F & G, along with ultra high efficiency designs, are available from stock.

Severe Duty features include epoxy paint for extreme environments where contaminants may cause premature motor failure. Corrosion resistant hardware and a stainless steel nameplate resist rust in the most severe environments. The oversized rotatable National Electrical Code (NEC) compliant conduit box provides additional room for field wiring and termination.  A ground lug is provided in the conduit box for customer connection.

The improved insulation system utilizes corona resistant magnet wire for improved resistance to voltage spikes.

Low loss electrical grade laminations provide for a lower temperature rise that significantly increases the life of the motor
Low Voltage - IEC High Voltage - HGF
Marathon Electric
NEMA Frame Hazardous / Explosion Proof