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¬†Founded in 1948, Regent Pumps manufacture pumps for a wide range of applications in industrial, mining, agricultural, domestic situations and oil and gas. 

Regent Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

Projects and International Sales Division for Regent Pumps Pumps

Ensure special attention for assisting clients during project design, cost estimation, and pre and post tendering.

Principal applications include water transfer, circulation, mine dewatering package, waste disposal, air-conditioning, heating and ventilation, cooling towers, chilled water, fire protection, marine services, irrigation, pressure boosting,   and many more‚Ķ

Prompt customer service and an ability to meet customer demands in a willing and friendly manner have been keystones of the success of Regent Pumps, and continues to drive relationships with present and potential clients.

The flexible manufacturing system at Regent Pumps is supported by a high level of un-allocated component stock which enables an exceptionally speedy turnaround of orders unmatched in the industry. A commitment to state-of-the-art computerised machining equipment and assembly lines provides the ability to produce large volumes, yet maintain the exacting standards necessary to ensure long term optimum performance.


Low Voltage - IEC High Voltage - HGF
Marathon Electric
NEMA Frame Hazardous / Explosion Proof